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She blossoms like a flower,
he sings like a robin,

together they smell
like a spring.

Yesterday’s a memory,
tomorrow’s a dream,
now is the only reality

you can live absolutely.




Everything would be easier
If we were still strangers.

But you’ve seen the real me
And I’ve feasted on your dangers

And you’ve feasted on my truths
With those kind and empty eyes

And those kind and empty eyes
drive  my dying soul alive. 

Even in the shortest
time together and longest
time apart,

Love can be defined.


is when my
eyes landed on yours.

A Box of Memories

Withered petals,
and crumpled wrappers
of once sweet chocolates,

faded words from once
heartwarming letters, 

we keep them until we can,
hoping things will never change,
sadly, still it does.

Even the memories, they’re never
the same, for once in your life
you love having them, but 

now, they’re just reminders of
yesterday’s pain.

It’s funny how I
hold on to every 
word that comes
from  your lips.

I miss you
like you’re
gone a hundred
years ago, 

even though
we’re just
seconds apart..

Distant love
won’t be hard
if you don’t
distant your

HE —

a two-letter
word that


Frustrated writer. Blog Reader. Licensed to kill. :) Poetry. Writing. Quotes and bits and pieces of everything.. :) Enjoy the page!